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Managed Compliance

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Compliance Program

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CIP Compliance Services

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GridSME provides a range of NERC Compliance Services that can support your generation facility’s NERC compliance over its entire lifecycle: from project development and commissioning through ongoing compliance program management, and any audits or other events in between. Our primary objective is to ensure that your facility’s operations support regulatory compliance, providing owners and operators with the tools and resources needed to ensure they meet all applicable NERC requirements.

Our experts have a depth of expertise in the industry to assist registered entities with both the Operations and Planning standards and the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards. GridSME particularly understands the unique challenges currently facing solar generators, and our team has extensive experience partnering with solar developers, asset owners, and operators to minimize risk and achieve their regulatory and compliance goals.

Managed Compliance Services

GridSME can provide registered entities with peace of mind that its NERC Compliance Services team is managing all aspects of ongoing maintenance of their compliance program (for both GO and GOP functions). For a fixed annual fee, GridSME will perform the following activities as part of Managed Compliance Services:

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Compliance Services:

  • Update NERC compliance program documentation in response to new or revised standards
  • Monitor all NERC and regional entity developments affecting your facility
  • Manage reporting and data submittals to reliability entities
  • Develop and manage an internal compliance program for your personnel
  • Perform periodic evidence gathering and collection to support ongoing compliance

Compliance Program Development

Regardless of your starting point or level of NERC knowledge, GridSME has the resources and tools to support renewable project developers and generator owners with NERC program setup and implementation. Leveraging GridSME’s team of power engineers, the NERC Compliance Services team can interface with third parties (EPC, O&M provider) to:
Market-based Modeling


  • A summary of annual operations and revenue results by year
  • Annual energy arbitrage revenue broken down by day-ahead market (DAM), fifteen-minute market (FMM), and five-minute market (5MM)
  • Annual ancillary service revenue broken down by Spinning Reserves, Regulation Up, and Regulation Down
  • Detailed battery operation details (e.g., charge, discharge, SOC, number of cycles, and degradation) at the five-minute interval level for the entire forecast period for the standalone-storage or solar+storage system.
  • CIP Compliance Services

    Reinforced by its GridSecurity team, GridSME’s NERC Compliance Services team support CIP program setup and ongoing program management to maintain a holistic approach to cyber and physical security for your facility. GridSME can:

    • Develop and implement a CIP low impact compliance program
    • Perform a CIP program evaluation or security controls assessment
    • Develop a roadmap to design and implement a CIP-compliant control center
    • Design and implement a CIP-013 supply chain risk management program

    NERC Audit and Assessment Services

    GridSME can provide registered entities with support on NERC audits and internal assessments upon request, including:

    • Perform an Operations and Planning standard program review and evaluation, including areas of improvement and potential concerns
    • Perform an assessment and evaluation of an entity’s internal controls program
    • Conduct a mock audit to provide assurance of NERC audit readiness for your staff
    • Manage your entire NERC or region audit, including developing Reliability Standard Audit Worksheets (RSAWs), ensuring adequate evidence, and providing expertise to respond to all communications with audit staff