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From independent power producers to renewable developers to large and small utilities, our SME’s are here to help your organization succeed.



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Energy Storage Modeling

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Electricity Markets

Our clients leverage GridSME’s extensive experience in and in-depth knowledge of electricity markets. We were among the pioneers of the electricity markets, from the early days of zonal markets to today’s nodal markets, and more recently the western energy imbalance market. We can assist your organization in the key facets of electricity markets, including policy development, market design, performance analysis, full-network modeling, metering, bidding, and settlement. We help clients understand how the markets operate, what products and services they are eligible and best-suited to offer, market risks, and how to mitigate risk.
Offered Quarterly

Training Courses


CAISO Electricity Markets Training

GridSME offers a classroom style in-person training program customizable to your organization’s needs. Clients use this service to build and grow their teams’ competencies and knowledge of the CAISO wholesale electricity markets. The training will give your team a deeper understanding of CAISO markets, risk mitigation techniques, bidding strategies, and market settlements allowing your organization to better utilize its assets. Our training program is customizable to your organization’s needs. We will work with your team to plan the content and develop customized scenarios and strategies to manage and mitigate risks unique to you.


Energy Storage Operations and Revenue Modeling (eStorm™)

Using its eStorm™ tool, GridSME helps clients model and quantify battery storage operations and revenue results from wholesale electricity markets. Whether you are developing a standalone storage or generation+storage (e.g., PV+storage) project, eStorm models a storage project using a market-simulated approach whereby the storage project acts as a resource in wholesale energy and ancillary service markets interval-by-interval (i.e., 5MM granularity), just as it will during actual operations. In the eStorm model, the storage resource submits bids based on opportunity cost and state-of-charge (SOC) information known to the storage resource at the time of bidding and without the benefit of hindsight bias. Because eStorm does not incorporate a hindsight bias, it does not require the model’s user to discount storage revenue stream results in their financial models.

Market-based Modeling


  • A summary of annual operations and revenue results by year
  • Annual energy arbitrage revenue broken down by day-ahead market (DAM), fifteen-minute market (FMM), and five-minute market (5MM)
  • Annual ancillary service revenue broken down by Spinning Reserves, Regulation Up, and Regulation Down
  • Detailed battery operation details (e.g., charge, discharge, SOC, number of cycles, and degradation) at the five-minute interval level for the entire forecast period for the standalone-storage or solar+storage system.
  • ISO Services

    Whether it is interpreting and understanding a Tariff or Business Practice Manual, obtaining and maintaining access to market participant portals, or working through ISO/RTO rules and processes, we have SME’s to support your organization. Many of our SME’s enjoyed long careers at one or more ISO’s and understand where to get answers and how to solve complex problems. Contact us to find out more about our CAISO Cyber Account Services

    IT Services

    From Compliance Automation utilizing Office 365 (SharePoint/Flow/Teams), IT gap analysis against OT requirements, DR planning, technical project management, to CRM and ERP implementations, our team of IT experts help your organization minimize risk and operate efficiently. We also help organizations develop and mature their policies, processes, and procedures for their IT environment.